Annual Report 2007

The Salvation Army

Project Requirements
To design & produce master artwork for an Annual Report.
Communication Objective/ Background
To design the editorial & financial components of the 2007 Annual Report. To create a document which reflects the warm humanitarian spirit of The Salvos, focussing on their numerous & varied services to the community. In particular, this year, we focussed on the themes of growth & nuture: nuturing our community, our spirit... our aged & our young. In this respect, the Salvos officer was shot in the background, on the cover, really focussing on the supporting & nuturing role that they play in our wider community. In this same vain, we designed a document which reflected growth & vitality right through the colour scheme & fresh layout... with plenty of white space. Moving away from dark & traditional designs. This fresh, new look was well received throughout The Salvation Army.